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Whether you're new to self publishing, or experienced...

This site is for you. Because...

If you're new...

...the site is FILLED with the experiences of people who have not only authored their own books, but printed them, brought them to market, and set about selling them.

Whether you're considering a publishing project or already in the middle of your first one, whichever aspect you're thinking about...

  • editorial
  • layout/design
  • printing/binding
  • distribution/marketing
  • publicity/PR/reviews
  • websites/traffic
...there's always an idea you didn't have, or a mistake you won't have to make for yourself.

If you're experienced...

What you gain from the site is threefold:

  1. Integrated Facebook networking
  2. A link to your Amazon page,

    as well as

  3. The opportunity to improve your own efforts as a publisher by learning from the experiences of others.

With this site, you get by giving

Share generously of your own experience and you'll be rewarded!

Be Generous! Begin!

The links in the navigation bar on the upper left margin are where it all starts. Account after account by real self published book authors. Alternatively, you can search from right here.

If you're new...

Start with the genre you're interested in. At the top of the page is a link that takes you down to where the unique stories of real self publishers start.

Comment on and rate the stories for their helpfulness. Consider buying a book from a particularly helpful author!

If you're experienced...

Pick the genre that most closely describes your work. On that page you'll find a form where you can describe your own experience in detail.

The more complete your account, the better it will be rated, the more it'll be read, the more traffic you'll get. Maybe more sales too!
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